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The Indiana Moratorium

I have officially had it, and yes, this is one of those entirely personal entries that you can feel free to ignore if you want.

I tried to be the better man and compliment IU on their win. It was a good one. I hate them, but I can respect them if they are good. I complimented at that other site, but they decided it was backhanded and decided to flip out. That is fine. I can't talk badly about them without them flipping out, nor can I compliment them without some grand conspiracy of my hatred for them coming through in a perceived backhanded compliment.

I have decided to do the opposite, now that my ire is raised. Instead of making a comment that will be misconstrued as backhanded, I will not be referencing the Indiana University basketball program at all going forward unless it is from a completely neutral perspective or unless is makes reference to a scheduled contest that we have with them. They are now a non-entity going forward until we play them in February, as far as I am concerned. Certain people think I cannot do this, which is exactly why it must be done.

And yes, this is what their fans want and I am sure this is me obsessing over them, but instead, I propose we ignore them completely. That's my plan.