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Southern Indiana Vs. Purdue: Closing The Exhibition Season

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Will this be the last time we see Jacob Lawson or Donnie Hale play this season? Matt Painter has stated he would like to redshirt one of them, but I would rather see both play because I feel they can be ready to contribute if needed. I'm not a big fan of redshirting in basketball because it can end up hurting a team in the long run. John Hart redshirted, and now we're in a scholarship crunch for next season if Gary Harris commits. Sandi Marcius redshirtted, and it turned out we could have used him as a post player later that season. Will a similar issue arise if Hale or Lawson redshirts?

That is probably the biggest mystery of the day. Utah, West Virginia, and Butler have proven that you need to take these exhibition games seriously or they can become losses, but in reality, there is no excuse for ever losing one of these games. USI is usually a pretty good Division II team, but they were recently involved in an NCAA scandal. They are currently ranked 12th in the Division II poll, meaning they can provide a bit of a challenge. They should be more of a challenge than Northern State. We should fear them because they feature Kurtis Anthony, who is probably the best player in Division II because he was in Jesu-, I mean, Cody Zeller's presence the last four years at Washington High.

Your tipoff time is at 5pm and will once again be providing video. I have Colts tickets today, so consider this your OpenThread as usual. Robbie Hummel, Travis Carroll, Anthony Johnson, Hale, Lawson, and Marcius are your players to watch as we need to figure out their roles.