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Purdue at Wisconsin: The OpenThread of Doom

I likely won't be here for the start of the OpenThread. It is a gorgeous sunny fall afternoon in Indianapolis, so Mrs. T-Mill and I will be headed south to Brown County for some hiking and one of the last good outdoor weekends of the year. Fortunately I can watch via phone (Thanks, SprintTV app) and keep track of things that way. According to what I see on paper it likely won't be pretty, anyway.

For those stuck with the dreaded regional coverage, here is the link to ESPN3's stream of the game. Andy actually made the trip to Madison and is on site for this one. You can follow him at @PurdueBball as usual.

While I don't expect a win, you just never know in this one. We're still Boilermakers, and that means we're going to go up there and give it our best. Let's shock the college football world and even ourselves today.