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My Marriage Is At Stake: Miami At Purdue In The Big Ten/ACC Challenge

Over the course of my marriage I have learned to become a Hurricane fan. That's what happens when you head to South Florida twice a year to see either baseball or football. Mrs. T-Mill has also become quite a Purdue fan. In fact, she told me that as long as we live in Indiana we're getting Purdue tickets because, "if I can't watch my Canes in person I am at least watching SOME college football."

As you can imagine, that check is very difficult for me to write under duress each spring.

Tonight the basketball Hurricanes come to town for a game that looked very scary before injuries and suspensions decimated their roster. As it stands, they still have a talented team that is 4-1 with their lone loss coming last weekend in overtime at Mississippi. This is the first game where I get to use my season tickets okay, so I won't be going because this afternoon I came down with some bug that has my throat swelling and my body aching, so II'll be here on the Open Thread after all after selling my tickets. Enjoy watching from home as we officially dedicate JJ's All-American banner and get win No. 22 in a row at home.