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Operation: Rescue The Bucket. Purdue At Indiana GameThread

I have not missed a Bucket game in person since 1999, and today is no different. I am heading south into enemy territory with hundreds of other Purdue fans as we look to end the hostage situation and return the Old Oaken Bucket to its rightful place in the Mollenkopf Center. if we don't, Danny hope has better stay in Bloomington, because I cannot think of a way to make Indiana worse than they are now except to give them coach Hope.

We should win this one. In fact, we should have little trouble against one of the worst defensive teams in the nation. rivalry games are fickle, however, and I do not trust this Purdue team with the way that it has played away from home this year. The truth is that our Bucket has been held hostage for the past year, and we need it if we're going to play a 13th game for the first time in four years. The time to get it back has come.

Hang on, Bucket. We're coming to rescue you.