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Purdue 80, Western Michigan 37: Defense Lives Here Again

Sorry guys, but this will be the short, short game wrap because I am freaking burnt out and exhausted. I didn't even get a chance to watch the game tonight (other than the clip of LewJack's amazing dunk provided by Juan), but it sounds like I didn't miss much taking in a showing of J. Edgar up in Castleton. In short, we dominated much more than anyone thought.

You are going to win a lot of games when you hold the opposition to eight percent shooting in the second half. They shot 17.8% for the game and hit only two shots in the second half, none in the last 13 minutes. Those are absolutely ridiculous numbers regardless of competition. It was so bad even Butler shot better in the National title game, hitting 18.8% of their shots.

That poor of a night shooting is naturally going to skew rebounding numbers strictly because there are more missed shots to grab. That's why I am not too concerned about losing the rebounding battle by one. We still held their leading scorer scoreless (he was averaging close to 20 per game) and no one reached double figures for them.

On our end we had incredible balance. Every scholarship player scored, Neal Beshears got to play six minutes, and Jacob Lawson had his first game in double figures with 10 points. Travis Carroll had nine, and Sandi Marcius had six. That is a major offensive step forward for our three young forwards. I am not sure if they had 25 points combined in the first five games.

So enjoy your Thanksgiving turkey, ladies and gentlemen. We've got another tune-up game on Saturday before hosting Miami in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge.