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Western Michigan At Purdue: Imagine What It Looks Like Game Thread

We're relegated to tonight, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy another solid Open Thread. The Western Michigan Broncos come to Mackey Arena tonight. I may or may not be able to comment as I am considering running up to Kokomo to see my Wildkats tip off their season. Half my family is sick right now anyway, and that means there will likely be no Thanksgiving up there tomorrow anyway.

So let's enjoy this one. As noted in the preview earlier, this should be an easy win, but a chance to see how Travis Carroll, Sandi Marcius, and Jacob Lawson do against a couple of other solid bigs. It also could be our first regular season action for Donnie Hale. I am hoping we see him play tonight, as redshirtting him is a mistake.

So let's enjoy this before everyone enjoys some turkey tomorrow. time for the boilers to return home to Mackey.