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OHMR: From Behind Enemy Lines

Due to a crushing bout of laziness, I finally got around to writing this piece.  As many of you know, I made the trip for the most hated rivalry ever on Saturday with the BHGP contingent.  This was also my first experience at Purdue, so I was looking forward to it a lot.  The weather was a lot more dreary than I could have hoped, but we arrived in West Lafayette with no problems.  Well, no problems until the game behind.

Now I'm not going to run anyone down, but the fan support was lukewarm at best and crappy at its worst.  Going to games in Kinnick spoils me and I've never seen a college stadium that empty in person.  My guess is a combination of bad weather, bad football, and indifference to this game were the main factors but still.  I could hear the BHGP chants over any of the rest of the crowd noise, except the IU Sucks chant.

If you happened to be watching the game, you could have easily noticed me in the endzone in the Iowa crowd.  I was the guy either with his face in his hand or shaking his head sadly.  The section we were in was empty and I've been in more lively morgues.  I love Purdue athletics as much as the next guy and the fan display was disheartening.

The game itself is what I had come to expect.  Two not so good football teams playing some not so good football.  However, the tailgate that T-Mill hosted after the game was excellent.  The Boilermaker Tailgate chili was phenomenal and the crisp taste of an icy cold Yuengling hit the spot.

Maybe I need to make a trip to Mackey for the great Purdue atmosphere, because Ross-Ade doesn't have it.

I can say this, however.  I started bawling when Sean Matti's parents walked out.  Easily one of the saddest things I've experienced in person.  I was really hoping we could pull out a win for his memory, but I guess the coaches had different ideas.  Just remember this, Get the Bucket, Get a Bowl.   It's time for the real hate week so let's do it.