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Iowa At Purdue: The GameThread Of Sheer Hatred

There will be blood in the streets of West Lafayette today. Finally, the floodgates of anger between the Boilermakers and Hawkeyes will open. The sheer hatred between the two fanbases will come to the fore. Old ladies will be beating on Hawkeye fans with canes. Old men will remember their World War II training and use the Engineering Fountain as an aquatic landing. Nothing can stop it.

(via freedomvids)

Then, after the game, we will break bread in peace.

Yes, it is time for the Open Thread of Our Most Hated Rival as we reach the middle of the Fortnight of Hate. If you're in West Lafayette for the game today feel free to stop by the H&R tailgate on Slayter Hill to meet up after the game. Just look for the black Jeep Liberty with Purdue and Miami stuff on the back. We have a case of Yuengling and we're guaranteed to have a good time.