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Cuya Casa? Nuestra Casa! Puerto Rico Tip-Off Semifinal Temple Vs. Purdue GameThread

What did we learn yesterday? We learned that our defense needs some work. We learned that the offense is capable of dropping 90 points at a whim even when it is not shooting the ball well. We learned that Kelsey Barlow can be as amazing or as frustrating as ever. We also learned that day basketball can be fun, especially when people are skipping out on work to watch or follow Open Threads

So why not do it all over again? At stake today is another potential top 50 RPI win and a chance to play Alabama in the championship and get maybe a top 25 RPI win out of our non-conference schedule. Just by winning yesterday we guarantee that we get two more quality games against Temple and Wichita State/Alabama as opposed to Western Michigan and a bad Maryland or Colorado team. In the long run, that is more important.

So let's get this done again today.