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Who Hates Iowa? Iona? The Confused Purdue-Iona Gamethread

It's a rare treat this afternoon with the mid-day GameThread as we face the Iona Gaels down in Puerto Rico. To my knowledge, we are undefeated outside the continental United States. We were 3-0 two years ago when Chris Kramer went swimming against Tennessee in the Virgin Islands. I think those are the only games we have ever played outside the continental U.S. If someone knows of another game, let me know.

Of course, Iona is only one letter short of Iowa, with whom we are currently having a seething week of hate with. That should allow us to transfer our energies quite easily to the Gaels. This will not be an easy game by any means, so if we manage a double-digit victory it would be a very good sign, especially considering the near disaster of Monday night. The important thing today is to get the win and set up some better games int he rest of this tournament against potential NCAA teams in Temple and Alabama.