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The Buckeye House Of Horrors: Ohio State at Purdue Game Thread

As part of my new job at the News Desk for SB Nation I have to write a lot of columns at both the Indiana and Cleveland regional sites. Most of them need filler stats, so my stat of choice this week is one that bears repeating: Ross-Ade Stadium is the only venue that Ohio State has a losing record at in Big Ten play since 2000 (although they are now 0-1 at Nebraska, but let's give that some time). They are 2-3 in that time, and if Antwaun Rogers plays a little better defense on Micheal Jenkins in 2002 they are 1-4.

So let's keep the House of Horrors theme going today. I'll be in attendance at "The Nutcracker" as we need to call Ross-Ade when the Buckeyes come to town. As usual, most of my comments will come via Twitter. I know this is a winnable game, and I am loads more confident in a victory than I was two years ago when we pulled the shocking upset.