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Welcome Back To Basketball: Northern Illinois At Purdue Open Thread

Tonight's game is being carried on ESPN3, so I know many of you will have this window open with the game itself next to it. That's fine. It mean you don't have to turn your head between your TV screen and the Open Thread itself. That should lead for some of the usual exciting conversation.

As usual, I expect you guys to dominate the Open Thread. There needs to be a new meme since Hilary Duff is now banned. For those that didn't see last night's chat I did some research and discovered she made her debut during That Game In Minneapolis, so she is clearly bad luck.

So break out your Barbasol and make some pancakes. Crack open a Yuengling, warm up the treadmill to exercise the demons, and bust out the picture wars. it is time to sit back and enjoy some Boilermaker basketball as the season is finally back. Thank God!