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Boiler Brews: A Guide to Classy Tailgating – vs. Ohio State

It snowed today.  Many of us will wake up to ice on the windshield…weren’t we at 70 degrees a few days ago?!  I’m not a big fan of old man winter, but he does have one thing going for him.  It’s dark beer season!

With the cold part of the year upon us, many craft beer lovers will be reaching for something a little maltier, a little darker, a little higher ABV than they would during the warm times.  It’s prime time to enjoy the fine porters and stouts that warm us up in the winter months.  A few of my favorites come from right here in the Midwest. 


Black Sun Stout – Three Floyds Brewing, Munster, IN (5.25% ABV, IBU unknown)

Three Floyds describes their winter seasonal offering as such:  "Dry and surprisingly light-bodied. Malty sweetness and caramel flavors shift to distinctive dry-roasted malt notes."

Another one of my favorites from my favorite brewery.  Black Sun, while classified as a dry Irish-style stout, has a hoppiness not often found in darker beers.  This, to me, is what makes it special and delicious.  The Floyd family couldn’t get away with making a beer without aggressive hoppiness, now, could they?

Edmund Fitzgerald Porter – Great Lakes Brewing, Cleveland, OH (5.8% ABV,  37 IBU)

Well, I figured that we should reach across state lines and welcome our opponents from the east by featuring a beer from the state of Ohio.  Coincidentally, this one’s also named after T-Mill’s apparent song of the week, if you’ve been paying attention to twitter. 

This beer, while available year round, tastes particularly delicious with a chill in the air.  It is described by it’s creators as "A complex, roasty porter with a bittersweet, chocolate-coffee taste and bold hop presence."  This brew can be found in six packs at stores around Indiana, and has, in my  "amateur Great Lakes Shipping Aficionado" view, one of the coolest label designs out there.

Sorry, H&R nation, I only have 2 recommendations for you this week.  You could say I’m lacking beerspiration.  But if you were to show up to Ross-Ade tomorrow with these in tow, you’d be doing just fine.


Cheers!  Hail Purdue!