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It Begins: Purdue Opens Exhibition Season With Northern State

I will be traveling all day, so please treat this as your game thread for this evening if you so choose. Tonight Purdue basketball returns to action with its exhibition opener against Northern State. More importantly, we get to see Robbie Hummel play basketball for the first time since February 24, 2010. Putting those words together in a sentence brings such a smile to my face. Here are some of your basics for tonight:

Tipoff: 7:05pm


Radio: Most Indiana radio stations can be found here, and a livestream is available at a lot of Purdue Sports Network affiliate sites.

As for the game itself, here are some preview highlights from Here is what I am looking for:

  • How will Rob respond to his first live game action in 20 months?
  • How does Anthony Johnson look after his redshirt year?
  • Will Jacob Lawson or Donnie Hale redshirt?
  • How will Lawson look coming back from his achilles injury?
  • Is Lewis Jackson significantly slowed by his injury?
  • How have Sandi Marcius and Travis Carroll progressed?
  • Does Kelsey Barlow have his head on straight?

Honestly, we shouldn't be challenged by a Division II program, even a good one like Northern State. Despite what Syracuse fans told us two seasons ago, there is never any valid excuse for losing a game like this. We're still almost a month out from our first significant challenge, so tonight is one of those games where we need to shake the rust off, try to establish a rotation, and see what units work best together on the floor.

So let's enjoy the return of Purdue basketball! Only 11 more days until the games begin for real.