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Welcome to the Fold: Cameron Posey

cameron posey junior highlights (via camposey8)


Purdue's class of 2012 now stands 20 strong.  Cameron Posey, a wide receiver from Florida, committed to the program earlier today.  Posey has only punted in his senior year due to his off-season wrist surgery.

The 3-star player from American Heritage School looks to bring height to our receiving core.  Standing at 6'2, Posey would be one of the taller wideouts on our roster.  It would be nice to finally some size we can throw jump balls to instead of those stupid bubble screens.

I see Posey as a redshirt candidate next season.  We are extremely deep at wideout and the need for a freshman that doesn't possess a standout skill.  A year bulking up and adding speed would benefit Posey tremendously.

I guess the Notre Dame debacle hasn't scared kids away.  Maybe they think they can step in right away and contribute.  This is the third person to commit since that game, so maybe it wasn't as awful as it seemed.  Wait, yes it was.

I'd like to welcome Posey to the Purdue program.  Hopefully he isn't punished to blocking bubble screens his entire career.