The Purdue Brand

I'd love to see these kids enjoy success on the football field and it would be nice for the seniors to have a bowl experience. That said, Danny Hope must GO. I feel, and I don't think I'm alone here, that the current staff is preventing these kids from being their best. Worse yet, another year of this would be an endorsement by the AD and Administration that mediocrity is an acceptable goal.

If we go bowling this year, credit has to go to those who built this schedule (be sure to send a thank you card to B1G office). We will have done so by beating 4 of the 5 worst teams in the conference. Sorry TMill, you can't call Illinois one of the worst 6 teams in the B1G then, in the same paragraph, give our program props for upsetting a ranked team. Seeing the improbability of such B1G success, the schedule makers prepended the conference slate with 3 of the frostiest cupcakes in college football today, yet we came very close to losing two of those three. Kent State, who jilted us to be shithammered by their favorite son, is actually WORSE than MTSU.

The thing about this approach to Bowl Eligibility that offends me the most is this - it is the polar opposite of the level of excellence represented by Purdue brand. When I was a student, you performed at a high level or you were GONE. Marginal improvement and a positive attitude weren't enough to keep you in the program. "I'll do better next year" had no value. Transfer in credits from some community college to build up your GPA and count toward a Purdue degree - are you KIDDING ME? Kids who worked hard, but were not talented enough were given directions to I-65.

But, for those who continued to demonstrate their talent, Purdue provided instructors, facilities, classmates and academic programs that were some of the best in the world.

I'm proud to be a Boilermaker and am grateful for the level of excellence demanded of me during my time at Purdue. It was difficult. It was stressful. It made me better.

I expect the same standard to be applied at Ross Ade Stadium.

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