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Welcome to the Fold: Cameron Cermin

Looks we added another guy to the fold.   How long he stays here after the impending mutiny, no one knows.  Cameron Cermin is a lineman from Texas and he looks like he could be a big factor in the future.

Cermin is 6'5 and 291 pounds, which means he's almost college sized already.  Once we get him on campus, he will surely add to that.  Him and Jordan Roos could be a great pair of tackles for years to come.  Hopefully he's also flexible so we could play him all over the line.  Depth everywhere would never hurt.

I watched a bit of Cermin's video and I liked what I saw.  He looks like a road grader and opened up huge holes.  Not only did he pancake block people, he added some syrup to it.  For those who are unaware of what that means, Cermin does a good job of laying on the guy he just knocked the ground, which prevents him from helping out with the rest of the play.

Hopefully the turmoil hitting the program doesn't discourage him from coming to Purdue.  Welcome to the fold, Cameron.  We certainly have a place for you.

Cameron Cermin 2010 Highlights (via AMCTigers)