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Big House? Big Deal! Purdue At Michigan Game Thread

For the first time this season I will be watching a game on TV instead of being there in person or following online because I am not one of four people that has CBS College Sports. Poor weather in South Florida has be ensconced at a sports bar watching us take on the Michigan Wolverines today. Hopefully we'll have better luck than Mrs. T-Mill's Hurricanes had on Thursday night.

Speaking of hurricanes, thank goodness hurricane Rina fell apart before our visit. We're getting the remnants here right now, but I almost got to see first hand what a major hurricane is like.

Anyway, we're here for the Open Thread, and I should be able to get the ol' laptop up and running so I can chime in during the game for once. Let's take a big step toward a bowl game (and a possible non-noon home kickoff) with our second straight win in Ann Arbor.