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New Jay Simpson Highlights

Yesterday we posted highlights of Rapheal Davis's first game with his new La Lumiere team. Today we bring you a first look at his teammate 2012 commitment forward Jay Simpson playing in the Vincennes Jamboree.


Thanks again to Joey Eberhardt at Indy HS Hoops (@IndyHSHoops) for the footage. 

(More analysis after the jump)

I particularly like this video because it includes a broad unfiltered view of his skill sets and offers a glance at the areas that need continued development.

Whether you come to this conclusion or not,  everyone who has coached him as recognized the elite talent that he possesses. He has the combination of body size (roughly 250 lbs) and offensive control that every basketball basketball coach dreams of. Despite his size, one of his best qualities is his ability to pass out of the post...Sometimes to a fault.

Unfortunately, his development has been hampered by his asthma, his own engagement, and the fact that he has had four different coaches in the last four years. Matt Painter will be the first coach that he will have had for more than one year.

Thankfully, Simpson is in an ideal environement right now. He's playing against other D-1 talent that will challenge him for playing time on a daily basis. They also have him in a routine very that is similiar to what he'll find at Purdue. He's being challenged like he's never experienced before and I think we'll see it pay off as his season progresses. The fact that he has already shed 16 pounds tells me that he's taking it very seriously.  

Regardless of how much development is made between now and when he first steps foot on campus, if he buys into Painter's system he has the potential of being a NBA caliber player. He has such a rare combination of skill-set and size, but it's up to him to put them to good use.