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Welcome to the Fold: Greg Latta

Well, it looks the recent good will around the program has landed us another recruit.  Greg Latta, a JUCO from College of the Desert, committed to the program earlier.  Latta is a tight end at his JUCO, but he was recruited to Purdue to play defensive end.

Latta started playing football only two years ago.  He didn't even play in high school.  The fact that he was able to turn two years of JUCO ball into a Division 1 scholarship is impressive.  Either that or he's a giant reach.

His measurables are great.  At 6'6 and 255 pounds, Latta is an impressive human being.  He was a All-League player in high school basketball.  In a related note, he seems to be extremely intelligent.  A 3.9 GPA plus a 1790 SAT is EXTREMELY impressive.

We seem to always produce top-flight defensive ends.  With his basketball background, Latta could be impressive in using that athleticism to become a great pass rusher.  He may be a giant project, but I have no idea.

This commitment can go either way, but I wish him the best of luck here at Purdue.  Hopefully he becomes the next member of the "Den of D-Ends" in the NFL.


Greg Latta TE football highlights 2010.wmv (via Bigfoot695)