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The Battle For The Purdue Cannon: Illinois At Purdue Gamethread

It's homecoming and we absolutely need a win. I think we're going to see one of two thigns today. We'll either see an unexpected Purdue victory, likely of the close variety, or we will get absolutely embarrassed by a versatile offense and a relentless pass rush against a line that can't pass block. There is no middle ground.

As always, I'll be in section 128 tweeting away and I'll try to stop by and leave a comment or two. The unexpected bonus of having smaller crowds (sadly, we're hoping for 45,000 today) is that there isn't as much of a fight for a signal, so it saves my phone battery. Postgame I am planning a Harry's visit win or lose, with the some of the Boilermaker Heroes possibly stopping by. Let's go out and surprise some people and start the second half of this season right with a nice upset towards a bowl bid.