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Vets a guest post here

Guest written by our friend Sergio Chaney

I was watching direct TV last night while my husband was sitting on the couch reading. I turned it to the History Channel and we started to watch a documentary on the Vietnam War. We sat and watched the show for three hours. I was surprised how little I knew about the Vietnam War. It followed the U.S. involvement in the war from the beginning to the end. It was hard for me to believe that it was only forty years ago that our country was involved in the war. A lot of our friend's fathers are veterans. My husband also enjoyed learning more about the war because he works at the Veteran's Affairs hospital. The majority of the patients that he sees are Vietnam vets. It was even weirder that one of the missions that was highlighted on the documentary was actually mentioned by one of the vets in his office the next day. The vet was one of the troops who was involved in the mission. It is a small world.