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Just in case of a malfunction, Travis asked me to make sure this thread was operational at 11 am CT (12 pm for everyone not from Iowa). Travis will be at the game and I will be tailgating for the Northwestern-Iowa contest. It's up to you, the commenters, to keep it running smoothly.

Good luck, and God speed.

And thanks to Riley for doing the above post. I was able to cobble together something and a brief internet connection (two cans and some string) to chime in. I am on a backup laptop since mine is getting repaired at the moment (and, ironically, I can no longer use what I was getting it repaired for). I am sitting in lower level end zone seats and keeping the usual road trip diary. Look for tweets as the game progresses. Thanks again to Riley, who could be braving a full-fledged panic in Iowa City today if they lose to Northwestern. So get out your rubber hunting boots, put away your airsoft sniper rifles, and look for some cheap airsoft sniper rifles. It's football time.