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Being Your Own Boss

Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

It’s nice being my own boss, I tell you what, but there are times I wouldn’t wish this lifestyle on my own enemy! For example, last month I had pneumonia and I still had to go into work (once I wasn’t contagious, of course) and that was really hard to deal with. There’s nothing like being sick and wanting to lay in bed all day and still having to put in a full twelve hours! It was pretty smooth saving, to be honest, when I set this business up I did a lot of legwork in the initial stages that set me up for success long term. I went to and looked into all the small business technology I needed and I got a great accountant to help me with things. I bought some books on how to do my taxes right and I even hired a life coachto make sure I balanced everything well! Things went great at first but as time went on, the challenges arose. Thankfully I was ready for them!