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POTFI! Notre Dame At Purdue Open Thread

As is typical, all the snide derision and general dismissal of our football program in various comments across the internet have reminded me of just how much I hate Notre Dame fans. I say fans because the team itself isn't bad. I can respect what they do. I just wish them defeat after defeat because of their smug, irrational, overconfident fans. That's the main reason I want a Purdue victory tonight. If our Boilers win it would severely mess with some people's heads because they cannot fathom Notre Dame ever losing to Purdue under any circumstances, even int he face of facts like Purdue having more victories over the Fighting Irish than everyone except Michigan State and USC.

We've been here before:

That was one of the greatest days in Ross-Ade Stadium history, and a loss tonight would give us our longest losing streak in the series since that game broke a 12-game streak. There are some similarities here too:

  • Purdue had an unexpected and embarrassing loss to a non-BCS conference foe then.
  • Purdue had a senior quarterback who had recovered from injury problems and a lackluster career to that point.
  • Notre Dame fans had an overwhelming amount of smug as we walked into the stadium.
  • The last thing on several people's minds was a Purdue victory.
  • That Notre Dame team loved turning the ball over.

Last year was also the year I got in trouble for "liveblogging" while int he press box at ND, then they took offense to comments left by other readers. Well, piss on them. let's take this one simply because it would really piss off all the reverseable jacket fans that are getting a little too proud of the Brian Kelly Era. As usual, I'll be in section 128, more likely Tweeting than commenting due to phone battery issues. Let's shock the world.