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Profiles in Badassery: David Moore

Normally a Profile in Badassery is reserved for Fridays, but today we honor a fallen hero who passed away this morning. David Moore, a 2004 graduate of Purdue, passed away this morning at Wishard Hospital in Indianapolis. He was shot Sunday morning during a traffic stop of a suspected stolen vehicle while serving as an officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

I have tried to celebrate the lives of famous Purdue alumni here at Hammer & Rails with these profiles, but Officer Moore deserves a moment today because of his silent service to the city of Indianapolis. He was only 29 years old, and a 2000 graduate of Roncalli High School where he was a football standout. He graduated from Purdue in 2004, then joined the police department almost immediately.

Moore was considered an exemplary officer, earning Rookie of the Year honors in his first year on the force. Naturally, as someone who serves to protect others, Moore had to put his life on the line more than once. In 2008 he was forced to shoot and kill a man who drew a gun on him on Indy's west-side.

He was serving in IMPD's North District Sunday when he pulled over Thomas Hardy, a 60-year old man with a history of criminal offenses dating back to 1984. It is believed that Hardy had been released improperly from prison, as the Indiana Department of Corrections did not have his most recent parole information on file. When Moore pulled him over, Hardy shot him four times: twice in the head, and once each in the chest and hip.

Hardy was later arrested in conjunction with a store robbery less than an hour after the shooting. Moore was transported to Wishard hospital, where he remained comatose while doctors tried to save him. Unfortunately, it was revealed Tuesday evening that he received extensive brain damage and would not survive his injuries. He passed away earlier this morning.

Even though this fallen hero is gone, he will continue to serve others. His family decided to donate his organs so that others might live from his sacrifice. That process was completed this morning before he was taken off life support, so others are likely receiving his organs as I write this.

It is not often that I get the opportunity to honor someone immediately in this small way, but Moore's sacrifice is more than worthy. Those who work in law enforcement perform a dangerous, yet necessary job in society. These brave men and women work to protect us from those that think they are above the law. Officer Moore was no different than this, so I thank him as a Boilermaker and resident of the city he served.

Moore was young enough that some of you readers may have known him from your time at Purdue. He was there during my final two years at Purdue, but I don't remember ever having a class with him or anything. If anyone wants to share of their experience with him at Purdue feel free to share in the comments. A facebook page in his memory has already been started.