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Welcome to the Fold: Raheem Mostert

Raheem Mostert, if you happen to read this, you have no idea how thankful the Purdue fanbase is for your commitment this morning. Michigan came in and stole our quarterback recruit in Russell Bellomy, a possible side effect of Tate Forcier transferring. Our butts are hurting from the beatdown handed out by a superior Ohio State team in basketball. We also recently lost another commitment in Marcus Caffey. Mr. Mostert, you are the beacon of good news on this gloomy Wednesday.

Mostert is a speed merchant, much like Frankie Williams. While Williams was known as a return specialist that can also play defense, it appears Mostert will start out as strictly a return specialist. Last season at New Smyrna Beach High in Florida he returned nine kicks for touchdowns. He credits his success to reading blocking schemes well, which will come in handy of Gibboney can teach special teams how to block.

Like Shane Mikesky, Mostert is a track star. He had several sub-40 second times in the 300 meter hurdles in last year's Florida state tournament. His personal best is 11.07 seconds in the 100-meter dash. His speed is is showcased here via YouTube:

I really like this kid. We need more quality returners. There is also always a place in the offense for guys with blazing speed. If we can get some healthy receivers back like O.J. Ross and Keith Smith it should open up some stuff underneath for the speed merchants we have coming in. Even is Mostert only returns kicks he can have a huge impact. As mentioned with Williams, we haven't had a punt return game of any kind in two years. Kick returns have been awful except for the one by Al-Terek McBurse against Indiana in 2009.

Mostert's High School team finished 7-5 this past season with Mostert catching 20 passes for 433 yards and four touchdowns. Most importantly, he makes things happen with the ball in his hands. His incomplete stats also credit him with a rushing touchdown. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel credits him with 39 catches for 742 yards and seven touchdowns in addition to his return exploits. Even if this is a guy that has the mindset of "Get the ball and run like hell while not being tackled" sometimes the game is that simple.