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Purdue Basketball Commitment Tracker (v. 6.0)

Games Played Jan 9th - Jan 23th


Donnie Hale (Bridgton Academy)

1/15 -Bridgton opened the new term with a crushing loss to New Hampton, 72-76. Stats N/A.

1/19 -BA rebounded with a 77-45 win against Holderness. Stats N/A

1/21 - Donnie Hale's 65 foot buzzer beater sent BA to overtime, which helped them beat Phelps, 87-80. The game sent BA to the championship game of the FT Tournament. Hale led all scorers with 18 points.

1/22 - BA came in second in the FT Tournament after losing 83-82 to St. Thomas More.

Next Game: 1/26 vs. Brewster Academy (Mitch McGary's team)

Jacob Lawson (Oak Ridge Military Academy)

As you you know, Lawson suffered a ruptured achilles tendon and has already undergone surgery to repair it. He is expected to be able to be able to "play again" (according to the linked article) in 5 months.


Jay Simpson (Champaign Central)

1/14 - Jay Simpson's 22 points were not enough to bear their rivals (Centennial) in OT, 81-78. (Click the link for a few highlights.)

1/16 -Central rebounded with a 74-73 win against the Chicago Hope Academy. Simpson added 15 points.

1/21 - Central continued to roll as they beat Bloomington, 62-56. (It appears they learned that they can win more games when they feed the ball to the guy thats 5 inches taller than everyone!) Simpson finished with 26 points and 11 rebounds.

1/22 - Central had no answer for Rock Island's Chasson Randle, falling 46-70.Simpson finished with 13 points and 15 rebounds.

Next Game: 1/28 vs. Mattoon

Rapheal Davis (FW South Side)

1/14 -South Sidefell to Snider, 73-85, despite RD's big 4th quarter. Davis scored 21 of his game high 34 points in the final period.

1/18 -Davis scored 53 points (26-29 FT) and 17 rebounds in South's loss to Northrop, 79-72.

1/21 - RD's 13 4th quarter points helped South Side beat their rivals (at least by name) North Side, 68-64. Davis finished with 28 points.


Next Game - 1/28 vs. Concordia


Bryson Scott (FW Northrop)

1/14 -Bryson Scott added 15 points as Northrop beat Bishop Luers, 87-71. Scott also added 5 assists, 11 rebounds, and 1 steal.

1/18 -Scott scored a team high 30 points in Northrop's win over (Rapheal Davis's) South Side, 79-72.

1/22 - Northrop won their 3 straight game after their win against Dwenger, 65-45. Scott led the Bruins with 24 points.

Next Game: 1/28 against North Side

Season History


Donnie Hale (Bridgton Academy)
11/11 - Bridgton Academy (BA) opened their season with a 93-85 victory over Robinson Academy (NJ) in overtime. Hale scored 17 points.
11/13 - BA earned their second consecutive win against Leadership Prep, 81-60. Hale chipped in 13 points.

11/14 - BA continued to roll as the beat Summit Prep 74-66. Hale's stats currently unavailable.

11/19 - Brighton Academy beat Westwind Prep, 83-78. Hale shot 6-15 (0-4 3's) 3-6 FT, 14 rebs (6 offensive) and 3 blocks

11/20 - B.A. rallied from a 20 point deficit to beat Fork Union, 73-72. Hale finished 4-for-11 from the field with 15 points and 8 rebounds (per @EvanDanielScout). Read More on New England Recruiting Report

12/02 - Donnie Hale scored a game high 29 points as BA beat NIA Prep in a close game, 82-81.

12/02 - BA gave Marianapolis their "biggest win in program history" as BA fell 67-76. Game stats are currently unavailable

12/8 - Hale chipped in 23 points as Bridgton beat MCI, 74-64.

12/11 - BA beat Kent South, 95-83. Stats are unavailable at this time. 

12/12 - BA ended the semester on a high note as the had no trouble with Lee Academy, 76-60. Stats unavailable at this time.

Jacob Lawson (Oak Ridge Military Academy)
11/12 - ORMA opened their season with a blowout win against Flora MacDonald, winning 85-68. Lawson scored 11 points in limited minutes (due to blowout).
11/14 - ORMA fell to United Faith, 59-61 at the Greensboro Coliseum. Stats (still) unavailable.

11/20 - Jacob Lawson threw down the game winning dunk to beat  Quality Education Academy, 58-57. Lawson finished with 13 points.

11/22 - ORMA easily took care of Queen's Grant, 74-51. Lawson finished with 20 points, 11 rebounds, and 7 blocks.

11/27 - ORMA was victorious against High Point Christian, 62-52. Lawson's stats are currently unavailable but here is account of Lawson's game: "Lawson can still block shots, with the best shot-blockers that we have in this state and his picks will drive you mad, because they extend from the foul line to the sidelines and he will cause you to get lost in his self-imposed picket fence and you may never get out of there in time, to stop the man(your man), that is headed to the basket and he just left you standing in your tracks, as you tried to get through that screen, that was set by Lawson"

12/01 - Lawson was barely needed as ORMA had no trouble beating Brisbane, 89-54. Lawson scored 7 points in the outing.

12/3 - Oak Ridge had no trouble with Flora McDonald, winning 89-75. Lawson had 16 points.

12/4 - ORMA blew out Body of Christ, 83-50. Lawson finished with a quiet 8 points for the night.

12/9 - Oak Ridge Military took control of Bishop Loughlin in the opening round of the A-Rod Basketball Classic in Miami, Florida, 49-34. Lawson finished the game with 8 points.  

12/10 - ORMA advanced through the A-Rod Basketball Classic with a win against Hialeah Gardens, 62-29. Lawson had 8 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 blocked shots

12/11 - Oak Ridge holds of Columbus to take the A-Rod Basketball Classic Championship, 72-60. Lawson finished the night with 7 points and was named the Tournament MVP. 

12/18 - Oak Ridge needed little help from Lawson as they beat Flora McDonald, 76-49. Lawson had 5 points, 13 rebounds and 7 blocks.

12/20 - ORMA won the opening round of the Prep All Start Classic (In Charlotte, NC) with a 59-33 win against Adelphi Christian. Lawson finished with 5 points, 12 rebounds, and 8 blocks. 

12/21 - ORMA Advanced in the PASC, beating Queen's Grant, 67-42. Lawson finished with 5 points, 12 rebounds and 8 blocks.

12/22 - Jacob Lawson was named to the All Tournament Team after ORMA's 82-74 win against Paul IV to take the Prep All Star Classic Championship.

12/27 -Oak Ridge recorded yet another blowout against St. Ignatius. Lawson scored 15 points in ORMA's 87-70 victory.

12/28 -Lawson was not needed in ORMA's 93-56 romping of Body of Christ. Lawson finished with only 2 points.

12/31 -Oak Ridge suffered their second season loss, falling to Huntington Prep, 55-56. An observer said Lawson finished with 14 points, 10 rebounds.

1/1 - ORMA rebounded by recording a 53-50 triumph over the IMG Academies. (Stats N/A).

1/5 - Lawson scored 12 points as ORMA overwhelmed Lexington, 71-49.

1/8 -ORMA continued their hot streak as they man-handled Booker T. Washington, 90-61. Lawson recorded 10 points, 12 rebounds, and 8 blocks.


Rapheal Davis (Fort Wayne South Side)

12/3 - South Side opened their season with a loss against Warsaw, 90-72. Davis scored 24 point (9-13 shooting; 4-4 FT) and 8 rebounds.

12/7 - South suffered their second loss in as many games after a 74-64 loss to Homestead. On a brighter note, Davis finished with 33 points.

12/10 - South fell to Luers, 76-74. Davis had a game high 32 points.

12/11 - South continued their slide against Penn, 83-60. Davis scored 19 points for the night.

12/17 - South fell to Dwenger, 77-81.Davis led all scorers with 28 points. 

12/22 - South side fell in the opening round of the Carroll Holiday Tournament, 53-41. Davis was held to 18 points and 7 rebounds. 

12/23 -  South fell in the consolation game to Fishers, 71-64. Davis finished with a game high 33 points.

12/28 - South Side opened the SAC Holiday Tourney with a upset against #2 seed North Side, 73-62. Davis finished with 21 points.

12/29 - South Side fell to (Bryson Scott's) Northrop, 68-81. Davis finished with 25 points.

1/7 - The Archers rallied against (VJ Beachem's) Harding, 77-71. Davis recorded a game high 29 points and 9 rebounds.


Jay Simpson (Champaign Central)

11/23 - Central lost their first game in the TOC against Peoria Notre Dame, 89-46. Simpson's stats are unknown (but according to the article the opposing coach said Simpson was held to 2 or 4 points.)

11/26 - Central suffered their second consecutive loss and was knocked out of the TOC by McLuer, 71-52. Simpson finished with 14 points.

12/3 -Central beat Normal West, 59-54. Simpson had 15 points and 8 rebounds for the night.

12/4 - Central won their first of two games, winning in OT 58-68. Simpson had 9 points (on 4-15 shooting).

12/4 - Central fell in their second game of the day to state ranked Peoria Central, 50-61. Simpson finished with 8 points.

12/7 - Central fell in a dramatic game, 64-63 against Urbana. Simpson was held scoreless until the final 2 minutes of the second half. Simpson (presumably) finished with 2 points.

12/10 - Jay Simpson scored 15 points as CC beat Eisenhower, 51-50.

12/17 -Central got their second consecutive win against Mattoon, 52-41. Jay Simpson had 8 blocked shots in the game.

12/27 -Simpson added 18 points and 6 rebounds as CC fell to Marist, 60-62.

12/28 -CC suffered their 3rd straight loss as they fell to Alton, 56-58. Simpson scored12 points and grabbed 9 rebound.

1/7 -Simpson scored 21 points (15 in the second half) as CC fell to Danville, 58-69.

Kyle Molock (Dublin)
Out with ACL injury


Bryson Scott (Fort Wayne Northrop)

(Northrop has played two games without Scott, winning against Dekalb but later falling against Concordia.)

12/7 - Bryson Scott's first game back from a sprained ankle was forgettable despite beating rival Carroll, 48-46. Scott had only 5 points (on 1-6 shooting), 2 assists, and 7 turnovers. 

12/10 - Northrop beat FW Wayne, 78-71. Scott scored 21 points (11 on free throws). 

12/18 - Scott scored 19 points as Northrop beat Canterbury, 72-57, Scott finished with 19 points.

12/29 - Bryson Scott scored 19 points as Northrop beat ((VJ Beachem's) Harding, 76-71.

12/30 - Northrop beat (Rapheal's Davis's) South Side, 81-68. Scott recorded 13 points for the night.

1/3 - Northrop continued to roll as they beat Bishop Luer, 78-74. Scott struggled with foul trouble (in front of Matt Painter) and recorded his 3rd foul with 3 minutes to play in the 1st quarter. 4 out of 5 of Scott's fouls were charges. He did, however, finish with 10 points despite playing only half the game.