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Introducing the New Lewis Jackson

I'd like to preface this brief post with my pick for Play of the Game:


Now that that's out of my system, I'd like take a moment to recognize Lewjack for the way he's transformed his game as the season has progressed.

Everyone was quick to name Ryne Smith the all important 3rd Scorer, but clearly it might have been a little bit premature...

While the competition against Big Ten teams has been tougher, Smith is not the only Boilermaker playing the best ball of their career. In fact, Lewis Jackson's 10.38 ppg through the conference play slightly surpasses Smith's conference average of 10.25 ppg. 

Not bad for a guy who looks to pass-first and has been criticized for being an "offensive liability." 

Jackson has absolutely blown up since Purdue hit conference play. I usually try to avoid these types of superlatives, but his recent performance is incredible when compared to his production in his first 12 games (and that of his abbreviated sophomore season).

Check out the stats yourself, and draw your own conclusions: