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Purdue at Minnesota: The Making Amends GameThread

DISCLAIMER: Hammer & Rails does not condone underage drinking. Please follow responsibly.

I could post something here about last year's game against Minnesota in "The Barn." I could help you relive that fateful day, and I could post the highlights from YouTube. Why would I, though? We see replays of that game nearly every time we play in a nationally-televised game. Instead, I decided to be an adult and move on from what happened last year, and this evening, I will help you do the same.

You see, being an adult is all about dealing with your problems in a responsible way. That's why I've come up with this, the Purdue vs. Minnesota Drinking Game! This game will help you forget your pain and regret, and will help you enjoy tonight's game even more. Alcoholic or first-time drinker, this game has it all for everyone. This post is even being put out an hour early so you have time to prepare! You can find the rules after the jump.

Sidebar, instead of video of Robbie's injury, watch this before any replay:

Lite Version:

Take a drink for every item on List Two.

Finish your drink for every item mentioned on List Three.

FUN Version:

Take a drink for every itme on List One.

Take three drinks for every item on Lists Two.

Finish your drink for every item mentioned on List Three.

List One (Keys to Victory):

1. Ryne Smith Three Pointer.

2. JJ Dunks.

3. JJ blocks a shot.

4. E'Twaun hits a three pointer.

5. E'Twaun has a finger roll.

6. For every foul on Minnesota's Bigs (Sampson, Mbakwe, Iverson)

7. When one of Minnesota's bigs must leave the game due to foul trouble (Sampson, Mbakwe, Iverson)

8. LewJack lay-up.

9. Purdue forces a turnover.

10. Purdue Free Throw scored.

List Two (Icing on the Cake):

1. Ryne hits a three pointer after his first four (5th, 6th, 7th, etc)

2. Purdue Alley-Oop.

3. A Boilermaker throws the ball off a Gopher out of bounds (resulting in a Purdue possession).

4. JJ three pointer.

5. E'Twaun gets his own rebound and scores.

6. Kelsey Barlow makes the "choke" face.

7. Travis Carroll or Sandi Marcius blocks a shot.

8. Any time Purdue reaches a 10 point lead.

9. John Hart, Patrick Bade, Dru Anthrop, or Bubba Day plays.

10. Purdue Victory.

List Three - Any time any of the following is mentioned:






Restraining Order

2010 Big10 Tournament

If this game doesn't have you substantially buzzed (Lite Version) or completely hammered (FUN Version), then in all likelihood, Purdue isn't going to come out on top. In that case, I don't have to give you any reasons to drink, do I?

Enjoy, fellas.