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Boilermakings 9/30/10


The Purdue Pete Curse: Blame the Kids
I'm not buying into it, and neither is Boilerdowd at Boiled Sports.

Purdue's lousy luck continues - Big Ten Blog - ESPN
It's official, quarterback Robert Marve is done for the season.

Et Tu, Purdue? Then fall the Boilermakers??? - Off Tackle Empire
Re-evaluating Purdue and their bowl hopes as the Big Ten begins Conference play.

more non-football Boilermakings after the jump...

2010-11 College Basketball Preview: Top Five Players by Position | Bleacher Report
E'Twaun, Robbie, and JJ get some love in these rankings.

Cross Country Set For Wisconsin adidas Invitational
Running 8k = Running 4.97 miles <<-- I did that in my head*

Cricket team ends outdoor season as champions - The Exponent
I didn't even know Purdue had a cricket club (aka. team)

V-ball looks to improve defense - The Exponent
I think the basketball team may have stolen the defensive abilities of all of our teams and is combining them to become a super crazy defensive machine. That's my theory.

Boilermakers Hit The Road
Women's Soccer is at 5-5-2 and looking to improve against a ranked conference foe.


*by in my head I mean that I used my head to go to Google calculator and punch in the numbers.