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Boilermakings 9/22/10

Purdue job consumes Hope's life | | Journal and Courier
It's a life-consuming job... what a fun life that could be though.

Purdue using patchwork rushing attack - Big Ten Blog - ESPN
We are "the Big Ten's most banged-up program." But we are getting healthy again.

Injuries force Purdue assistant to improvise | | Journal and Courier
Somebody thinks Gary Nord is a magician.

Will the real Purdue stand up? :: Sports :: Post-Tribune

Tic-Tac-Toe - The Exponent - Purdue's Student Newspaper
We have a chance at having a winning record in September for the first time since 2007!

Kramer expects to join Mad Ants | The Journal Gazette | Fort Wayne, IN
The Milwaukee Bucks look like they're going to sign CK3 and possibly send him to Fort Wayne to develop.

Purdue volleyball duo severs ties to Indiana | | Journal and Courier
Some IU bred girls saw the light and joined the good guys. Now they can exact revenge on the people that tried to brainwash them and their families.


Watch the Ohio Bobcat mascot attack Brutus Buckeye - Sports Pros(e)
What Boilermaker fan doesn't like seeing a Buckeye get assaulted?

Purdue QB Robert Marve making most of second chance - NCAA Football -
Here is a nice feature in SI about Robert Marve.