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22 Days to Purdue Football: Ishmael Aristide and Sean Matti

Today is another double number day, and another chance to look at a pair of players that haven't been on the field yet. Ishmael Aristide was Danny Hope's first recruit and redshirted last year as he continued to recover from a torn ACL suffered in high school. Sean Matti is another walk-on hoping to find a place somewhere, but he also has a score to settle.

Ishmael Aristide - Fr. (RS)

Hometown: Orlando, FL (Maynard Evans HS)


5'11", 199 pounds

2010 Projection: Possible starter at safety or kick returner.

Like Ralph Bolden, many big programs were scared off of Aristide coming out of high school. He missed his entire senior season of football due to his injury, and last year's redshirt year saw him only practice as the injury continued to heal. He hasn't been on the field in a game situation since notching 60 tackles and 16 pass break-ups as a junior in high school. I like his chances in the backfield because he is also a former basketball player as well as a state qualifier in the 100 meters with 10.7 speed.

When he originally came to Purdue some expected him to make an impact as a kick returner, but those duties appear to be currently assigned to Antavian Edison and Al-Terek McBurse. As McBurse has a larger role in the offense though I can see saving him from kick returns with someone else. That is where Aristide can have an impact. He made some headlines at camps in high school, but that knee injury severely limited what he could do. Based on the video below I definitely like his speed.


Sean Matti - Jr.

Hometown: Shoreview, MN (Roseview Area HS)

Running Back

5'11", 214 pounds

2010 Projection: reserve at running back

Matti is entering his fourth year in the program but he has yet to see the field in a game. In high school he was a Minnesota all-state selection after notching 150 tackles and 12 sacks. That was good enough be named his conference's defensive MVP, but it wasn't enough for a scholarship offer to a big-time school.

Sean is apparently part of a bitter feud on facebook. Someone has started a group called Sean Matti would destroy Kevin Coyne. My research on Kevin Coyne turned up a 66 year old musician from Germany. I have no idea why someone wants to see one of our walk-on running backs beat the crap out of a German musician, but apparently Sean, "wipes Kevin Coyne off the face of the earth with nothing but a Q-Tip and a ball of yarn." Nothing gets the juices flowing like a good ol' fight to the death. For some good humor I would suggest reading some of the wall posts. I think we can quickly turn Matti into a cult hero with a little effort from you readers.

Boilermakings Notes after the Jump:

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