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Where I Come From: Kicking Off the Season with EA Sports

*This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.*

It has been a few years since  have purchased a version of EA Sports NCAA Football. The latest version I have is '08, mostly because it is the final version with the Miami Orange Bowl in it for Mrs. T-Mill. I will have to get it this season though because EA Sports has been kind enough to partner with the SBNation College blogs to kickoff the football season a little early. They have agreed to sponsor a week's worth of posts leading up to the release of NCAA Football 2011 next Tuesday, July 13th. They weren't interested in telling us what to say, only in sponsoring a series of posts celebrating the diehard fans of the greatest sport in the world: college football.

I'll be posting once a day between now and the release of the game next Tuesday, starting in a few minutes with the first of the series: How I Came To Be A Purdue Diehard. From there, the series will unfold as follows:

Tuesday: All-Time Favorite Purdue Team

Wednesday: Tailgating Traditions

Thursday: All-Time Favorite Boilermakers

Friday: Most Memorable Moments

Monday: Expectations for the 2010 Season

Tuesday: Release of the game

Keep in mind, this is just one man's list. I am most looking forward to your comments as the week goes along.

Boiler Up, Hammer Down!