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2011 Target Chasson Randle Narrows List to 3

Less than a week after 2011 G Chasson Randle (Rock Island, Il) released his initial 7-school list, he wasted no time narrowing it down down to a manageable 3 schools: Purdue, Illinois, and Stanford.

I'll save the dissection of the competition later, but at a shallow first-take I like Purdue's odds. There will be a lot of factors at play here, and academics will be heavily weighted. Considering Randle's from Illinois, there's no question what his friends and family are whispering in his ears.

Thankfully, everything I hear about Randle points to him being an intelligent kid that will make a well thought-out decision. That's really all we can ask for...

Painter is in great position to land at least one of his top targets, Randle and Branden Dawson.

It's especially rewarding that Painter continues to stay in such great shape with these two since he's been on to both of their trails since the beginning of their recruitment. Nice to see Painter's hard work paying off!

But the real hard work might be figuring out how to land both players with Purdue's scholarship situation...

But in a perfect hypothetical world, landing Dawson and Randle would be winning the lottery.

Okay, back to the real world...