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Decision Time: The JaJuan Johnson Open Thread

This is a first for Hammer & Rails. As the 2010 Big Ten Open Thread Champs, I know we have a great community that loves to discuss games. Well, we are at the critical hour. The next 22 hours will likely go a long way in deciding how good the 2010-11 Boilermaker squad will be. E'Twaun Moore has already decided to return, so at worst were going to be pretty good. We now await word for JaJuan Johnson. The deadline is 5pm ET on Saturday. So let's discuss things in the comments with an Open Thread as we try to work off some nervous tension.

Watch, as a curveball JJ decides to return, only to have Robbie Hummel suddenly and inexplicably hire Scott Boras as he declares at 4:55 pm.