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Boilermakings for 5/18

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Yesterday was interesting. I was covering the Hoosier Crossroads Conference golf match up near Noblesville all afternoon. Since high school golf coverage generally consists of sitting in the clubhouse and chatting until the scores come in it made for a slow afternoon. I did, however, get a chance to chat with Jeff Washburn of the Journal & Courier. For those not in the Lafayette area, Washburn is the beat writer for Purdue basketball. He does an excellent job providing local coverage and he's an all-around nice guy. We got to discuss lots of Purdue basketball yesterday, and there were some interesting points he brought up.

  • Robbie Hummel is way ahead of schedule in his rehab. In Jeff's words, "They practically have to lock him out to make sure he doesn't do too much." Apparently, he is the opposite of Carl Landry after his injury. I guess Landry didn't rehab enough, hence his redshirt after five games in 2006. They are trying to prevent Robbie from doing too much and being counterproductive. I think we have a hungry player on our hands.
  • JaJuan Johnson's decision may have saved the Mackey project. I can see Jeff's perspective on this. The university wanted to debut the new facilities after a great season, one that we can now have with JJ back.
  • He thinks Brendan Dawson is ours. I haven't given a ton of thought to Dawson because I am so excited about next year, but he said coach Painter has been all over Dawson and that he thinks Dawson is leaning our way. Of course, the only one who truly knows anything is Dawson himself. We only have two official scholarships left for 2011 since Donnie Hale is now taking the third.
  • Kenny Lowe might be an assistant coach soon. This is far from confirmed, but apparently Purdue is going after former player and Gary West standout Kenny Lowe as an assistant coach. This will only help with recruiting in Northwest Indiana, which is the main area of the state we have often owned anyway. I like this move a lot if it is true.

Bear in mind, this was just idle chit-chat over the course of the afternoon, but it was interesting information no less. After the jump I have some more Boilermakings info.

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Both track teams finished 9th at the Big Ten meet, leading to a tie for the Crimson and Gold Cup. Since Indiana won last year and both schools tied in 2008, our record in the event is now 1-3-2.

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