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Post Finals Boilermakings 5/14

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Finally, the most stressful weeks of the year are over. I am referring to JaJuan and E'Twaun's decisions to stick around in West Lafayette another year, of course. There were some tests and stuff too, which was a welcome distraction from the serious matter of next year's Final Four hopes. This has been a hell of an academic year for Purdue athletics, where we have had a good football season and a great basketball season in the same year. I believe this is the best year I've seen in my time at Purdue. The best part is that next year looks even brighter. The football team has improved in every aspect and is chomping at the bit to earn a January bowl berth. The good guys go into next basketball season with one of the best senior classes in the history of the university (maybe even the conference) and healthier to boot. The 2010-2011 seasons look like a great time to be a fan of Purdue. For the time being, I can only thank my fellow seniors for all the great times they have given us during their time wearing gold and black.

For the moment, I am off campus visiting some graduate schools, family, and friends. Consequently, it will be a couple weeks before I can get back into the bleachers for our baseball team. In the mean time though, I'm working on some statistical analyses of the football team and basketball team for some previews of next season. For football, I am looking mostly at the defense, and trying to quantify what the loss of Pender and Neal mean for next season. The basketball task is far more daunting, because I'm trying to find a way to model the impact of the loss of Chris Kramer. Hopefully, I can come up with something interesting to quantify the impact of primarily defensive effort players on their teams. Until then, after the jump we get to the Boilermakings.


Drew Brees, Switch Hitter
Watch Drew hit home runs left-handed and right-handed for charity. There is nothing the man can't do. He rebuilt a city with his football.

The Betty White Effect
Since Facebook managed to get Betty White on SNL, about 6,000 Drew Brees fans have started a campaign to get the Super Bowl MVP on as well. The group can be found here

Undrafted Boilers Making First Impressions
Joey Elliot and David Pender are in Philly trying to make the Eagles roster, where Brandon King and Jared Zwilling are staying closer to home hoping to be future Colts.

An Early Look at the Big Ten Bowl Picture
Adam Rittenburg has us bowling. He says somewhere warm, but unfortunately I don't think he means Pasadena.

Cottom Looking Ahead
Brandon Cottom is starting to generate some buzz on the recruiting trail at RB or LB and he is considering Purdue. He is entering his senior season, and is not yet ranked by Rivals.

I'll Just Leave This Here
My first bit of ND trash talk for the season opener.


Glenn Robinson III offers glimpse of Big Dog's game
A profile of Big Dog's son, currently playing high school ball and is considering Purdue and Illinois.

Clemson hires Purdue's Rick Ray
Former Purdue assistant basketball coach Rick Ray is now the current associate head coach at Clemson. Ray help land the recruiting class of 2006 with the big three. He also got married last Saturday. Congratulations Rick, and good luck against everyone but Purdue.

Michael Chandler Considering Purdue
The 6'10" junior has rescinded his commitment to Louisville and is reportedly considering Connecticut, Georgetown, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio State, and Purdue. He attends Lawrence North high school and is considered a 5 star recruit.

Miscellaneous Boilermakings;

Calm Down on the Expansion Talk
The Big Ten has reached out to no one. Period.

Purdue High Jumpers Aim for Big Ten Sweep
The track and field team continues domination in high jump.

Enjoy commencement and congratulations to the graduates.