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On the scene: Butler vs. Duke for the National Title

A massive thank you goes out to KJ at The Only Colors today. He is in town for the Final Four and has decided to stay for tonight's game even though the Spartans are out. He also had an extra ticket, one that he was kind enough to let me purchase so I could get one last basketball fix for my addiction until November. As a result, I will be attending tonight's game and supporting the hometown Butler Bulldogs. For one, I have liked Butler for a long time and enjoy seeing them play. As a nice side benefit, I hope to see them knock out the team that put our Boilers out.

So consider this your open thread for tonight's National Title game. Unfortunately, there won't be any Red Buttons or Kramer Moments, but we can get behind Butler and support them anyway. I'll try to throw in a few comments via mobile web if I can, but that is a dicey proposition at best. I guess it just proves that I need to get one of those smart phones rather than the stone tablet and carrier pigeon mobile web that the LG EnV2 offers.

Also for you readers to decide before roughly 7pm when I head downtown: Should I get and wear a Butler shirt? PurdueMatt has declared I would be a traitor, but I look at it as more of an homage. Thus, the following scientific poll: