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Go Reese's! Kramer, Keady, and Painter get Peanut-buttery in Indy

So I braved the hordes today in downtown Indianapolis to see that fierce rivalry between the Reece's and the Hershey's team. It was fantastic to see The Combover on the sidelines one more time. I was hoping he would get a tech for old time's sake too. Sadly, Pete lost the halftime dace-off to the Ball State Cardinal. Here are some pictures to make us forget for a moment that our starting running back likely shredded his knee in practice today.


Shouldn't there be a Purdue logo there somewhere?


Yeah, I know. We look like twins. I also want a PHd in badassery.


With Keady and Painter on staff you knew Kramer was starting.




Gene Keady dropping some knowledge on the young kids.


Subtle product placement. I must say, the free samples of the dark chocolate Reese's were delicious.


Pete bowing out to the Ball State Cardinal at the halftime dance contest.