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Post-Senior Night Boilermakings 3/3

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Normally, I would have filled this post with lots of trash talk about Indiana, and several jokes about how terrible they are (see my Twitter feed for a few favorites). However, tonight a few of my favorite Boilermakers were playing their last home game, and that is far more important than making jokes about yet another in a long and pathetic string of Hoosier losses. Tonight was the last time Keaton Grant, Chris Kramer, and Mark Wohlford will play on Keady Court. No more Kramer moments, no more clutch 3 pointers from KG, and no more Wolfpack. It is definitely a dark day for the Purdue nation, made only slightly brighter by the inept performance of the Hoosiers. Alright, a lot brighter, but still all of us are sad to see the seniors leaving. This is the first milestone on the road to the last time we get to see this group play together. Next is the last game of the regular season at Penn State, then the last Big Ten Tournament, and finally the last March Madness and the last game of the tournament (you know, the national title). I'm sure Travis and I will be writing more about the seniors in the near future, but I just want to thank them for the home-court memories and a great four years of basketball. They will definitely be missed, and I hope they accomplish all of their goals for this season, and going forward after basketball.

I have to say, I have never wanted a shot to drop so badly in my life than when Mark Wohlford played for a few minutes near the end of the game. The entire building was pulling for you Mark. Also, thanks to IU for having not one but two players foul out. Anytime I get to do the "left right left right" cheer is a time I cherish. I'm going to miss being in the Gene Pool/Paint Crew. Some of my best memories of Purdue have been standing in that building yelling myself hoarse. I'll find a way to sneak in as grad student, mark my words. I've seen a few classes leave on senior night *cough six cough*, and, just like Painter said in his postgame speech, it really does seem like yesterday when Grant and Kramer were freshman starting with Landry and Teague. You could tell even then that they were destined for great things, and they delivered in spades.

Now that I have made myself feel old, let's get to the Boilermakings.


Big Ten Combine Wrap-up
David Pender had a pretty good combine.

Brees gets a Super Perk; Golf with Jack Nicklaus
It's good to be the king.

Former Purdue CB David Pender Hopes Speed Will Carry Him To NFL
Former Purdue cornerback David Pender is known for his speed and his ability to deflect passes and he hopes to improve his speed as he gets ready for the NFL.

Merrillville Grad Concludes Workouts at NFL Scouting Combine
Mike Neal helped himself out by putting up some impressive numbers at the combine.

Mike Neal | Purdue, DT : 2010 NFL Draft Scout Player Profile
More on Mike Neal.


Seniors Reflect on Time at Purdue
The Exponent interviews Wohlford, Kramer, and Grant about their time as a Boilermaker.

Purdue Seniors Grant, Kramer Gain Inspiration from 'Titans' Characters
The Indy Star talks with Grant and Kramer about how "Remember the Titans" affects them.

Final Home Game Bittersweet for Purdue Seniors
Matt Painter will maintain a special place in his heart for Chris Kramer and Keaton Grant, who will play their final game in Mackey Arena tonight when seventh-ranked Purdue battles Indiana.

Kramer Reflects on Becoming Steals Leader
The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette interviews Kramer about passing Brian Cardinal for the all time career steals record at Purdue.

Purdue, IU Nab Big Ten Honors
Defense lives here for the ladies too.

Other Boilermakings;

Purdue Pete's Child-Terrorizing Days Are Numbered
Deadspin on the possible Purdue Pete redesign.

West Virginia Outlasts Purdue
18-14. That is not a football score, it's baseball. If I worked for ESPN, I'd make a Big Ten Basketball joke, but I'm smarter than that.

Purdue Instructor Receives National Pfizer Teaching Award
Dr. Larry Adams of the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine has been chosen to receive the 2009 national Pfizer Teaching Award, the most prestigious veterinary teaching award in the United States.

Have a great week, and let's end the regular season on a positive note with a share of the Big Ten title. Go Boilers!