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New England Boilahmakings 3/21

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Great, now please learn how to drive it.
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Great, now please learn how to drive it. via

Note; This post was written prior to the huge win today. I have no words for that right now, since my heart is pumping like I just ran a long sprint through a pool lemon juice while being chased by ill-tempered pirahna and into the arms of a naked Megan Fox. Great win Boilers!

My spring break took me on a road trip up to Boston. On the drive up there, more rain fell on the Northeast than had ever fallen at any point in history. It seemed surreal, the rain was never that severe and yet a ton of highways were closed for flooding. Every night I watched the news out there, it was just more and more about people trying to get water out of their basements. Despite all of that, I feel like I know enough about the region to help anyone reading this not feel like a tourist. Just follow these simple tips and you'll better enjoy your stay in New England.

  1. Never pronounce the letter R
  2. Never assume that you know how to pronounce the name of a city
    Worcester = "Woostah"
    Dorchester = "Doahchestah"
    No one will ever be able to explain why that is.
  3. Say you are from Michigan
    If you claim to be from Indiana, you will get to hear about what a terrible person Peyton Manning is, and how Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to ever play (DREW!!!). If you want to save time telling people how wrong they are, claiming Michigan as a point of origin usually just gets, "Oh, sorry."
  4. The Atlantica restaurant in Cohasset, MA is closed Tuesday nights
    To save you the trouble of driving there.
  5. Jersey Shore is not a joke
    Walking around the casinos in Atlantic City, it was immediately clear that the cast of Jersey Shore are not exaggerated caricatures. They are average citizens. If anything, they are understated to make the show more tolerable for the average American. 
  6. It is illegal to use your turn signal when changing lanes
    At least I assume so, since I never saw one any of the times I was cut off.
  7. Spygate never happened


Aftah the jump, we get to the Boilermakings.


Marve Matures in Time Away From Spotlight
ESPN profiles Robert Marve.

Hope Has Hope For Spring At Purdue
ESPN Video: Purdue coach Danny Hope talks with Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg about what the Boilermakers will be working on during spring football.

Purdue Aims to Make More Noise in 2010
Keith Smith says January bowl or bust.


Purdue Target Makes Teammates Better
Gary Wallace junior Branden Dawson is a hot commodity and his teammates know it. The Journal and Courier profiles a potential Purdue recruit.

Big Ten Flexes its Muscles
While other conferences stumble.

Purdue to Nation: Shove it
Purdue doesn’t need your sympathy. Not with that defense. The Boilermakers beat 13-seed Siena 72-64 on Friday, yet were the upset pick for the first round. Nearly 37 percent of voters from ESPN’s tournament challenge had them losing, a higher percentage than any 12-5 games. Even President Obama picked against Purdue in his bracket.

Team Film Crews are Unsung Heroes of NCAAs
A profile of the film managers of tournament teams, and what it takes to prepare for whoever the next opponent might be. Keep up the good work Nick.

Time Off Aids Injured Purdue Duo
The 12 days between games helped each member of the Purdue women's basketball team rest, but none more than Ashley Wilson and Alex Guyton. The Lady Boilers prepare to advance in the WNIT.

Miscellaneous Boilermakings

Manuel Wrestles His Way into Purdue History
Luke Manuel's junior season at Purdue University officially came to an end Friday night at the Qwest Center, ending with him earning a school record 41st win on the season.

Audit Gives Purdue Mostly Clean Bill
Purdue is using federal money appropriately.

Purdue Installs Surveillance Cameras
The parking garages will be safer.

Purdue Alumnus and Astronaut Featured in IMAX Film
Purdue University alumnus and mission specialist Andrew Feustel will be featured in the IMAX film "Hubble 3D," which opens Friday and will run through May at the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis.

Purdue Women Soar Up Rankings
The Women's Tennis team in 10-1 and making some waves on the national scene.

High Schoolers Compete in Robotics at Purdue
Purdue hosted a regional FIRST competition of soccer playing robots.

Purdue Hosts NCAA Swimming Championships
The Boilers finished 16th, on the strength of Caitlin Hamilton breaking the school record in the 1,650-yard freestyle. The performance earned her first-team All-American honors.

Purdue Upgrading Wade Power Plant
Purdue University could soon make considerable reductions in air pollution if a state environmental agency approves changes to the campus power plant. The proposed upgrade would reduce soot emissions by 93% and mercury emissions by 70%.

Purdue Freshman Wrestler Finishes Sixth
Cashé Quiroga, the fifth freshman in Purdue wrestling history to be named an All-American, finished sixth at the NCAA championships.

That's all I've got for now, enjoy the week, and kill Duke.