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MVP Boilermakings 2/9

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Drew Brees, Super Bowl MVP. You have to like the sound of that. Even the Colts fan in me can't be too sad about that loss. Drew is such a class act and a great player, I couldn't imagine a more deserving player than him to win a Super Bowl. I have no connection to New Orleans, or the devestation of Katrina. As such, I can't rightfully say that I understand what Drew Brees or the Saints mean to the residents of the city. Therefore, I leave it to the good people of to tell us;

"Four years ago, who ever thought this would happen?" he said, still fighting back tears.

Earlier, as confetti swirled just above the playing surface at Sun Life Stadium, Brees' eyes were already watering, trying not to cry as he held his son, Baylen, who was wearing a Saints jersey with his father's name on the back and a headset so the loud celebration wouldn't scare him. Brees struggled yet one more time to keep his emotions in check as he lifted the silver Lombardi trophy over his head.

But a few minutes into his postgame interview, Brees simply quit trying.

"Eighty-five percent of the city was under water, all the residents evacuated all over the country, people never knowing if they were coming back or if New Orleans would come back," he said. "But not only the city came back, and the team came back ... when the players got there, we all looked at one another and said, 'We're going to rebuild together.'

"We leaned on each other," Brees said, pausing as he choked up. "This is the culmination of that."

After the jump, we hit the Boilermakings.


Robinson Expects to Redshirt at Purdue
Sean Robinson has taken the first two steps toward what he hopes is a productive career as a quarterback at Purdue University. He talks about how he is preparing to become a Boilermaker, and how he wants to learn from Marve and the other quarterbacks.

Brees pride running high at Purdue
Higher than usual that is.

A Great Day to Be a Boilermaker
You know, aside from everyday. Drew Brees and the basketball success certainly add to it.


Kramer a Finalist for the Senior CLASS Award
Nice job with the voting guys.

MSU-Purdue Preview
The Only Colors preview the Michigan State-Purdue basketball game.

The Kalin Lucas No-News Smorgasbord
Will Kalin Lucas play against Purdue tomorrow night? The Only Colors guesses yes.

Counterpoint; Injury could sideline Michigan State's Kalin Lucas vs. Purdue
It's still not clear when injured Michigan State point guard Kalin Lucas will re-enter a suddenly wide open Big Ten race.

A day to remember for Purdue's Malone
FahKara Malone reached several milestones, setting the program record for steals, reaching 1,000 points, and notching her 100th assist of the season (which she has now done in each of her 4 years as a Boilermaker) as the Lady Boilers came back to beat Wisconsin and take over sole possession of second place in the conference.

Other Boilermakings;

Boudia Wins Two More National Titles
He also broke his own American record for the highest score recorded in a single six-dive list.

Another Boilermaker Chasing a Title
Ryan Newman talks about being a Boilermaker and running the Daytona 500. He is trying to channel some Boilermaker magic.

I really enjoyed reading those Syracuse comments. I must confess that outside of the top few Big East teams, I don't pay much attention to their conference. Still it was great to have all of you Orange fans come by and talk basketball. Now begins the long and sad part of the year without football. Football, I look forward to seeing you again in September, back in my hometown of South Bend, where the Boilers will deliver a black and gold beat down to the Cincinnati Fighting Irish. Until then, here's to hoping the good guys return from East Lansing victorious.