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Is There a Game Tonight? Boilermakings, 2/4

It's like a picture from the future.
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It's like a picture from the future. via

I've heard that we might be playing a basketball game tonight. Here is a little drinking game for everyone like myself who will not be fortunate enough to blackout Assembly Hall.

1 Drink;

  • "Bitter rivals" is said
  • IU slam dunks while down more than 10 and still celebrates like it's a huge accomplishment
  • Striped warm ups on screen
  • Tom Crean forehead lens flare
  • Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers

2 Drinks;

  • Purdon't (Purdont for those IU "students" who are leading the crusade against punctuation)
  • Any Painter puns
  • ESPN poster with Purdue as the P, for example

    kNows it
  • Gene Keady, Bob Knight
  • The dusty banners

Finish your beer;

  • Hightower officiating, it's going to be a long night (corollary; 2 drinks every time Hightower makes a terrible call)
  • Bobby Knight throwing the chair replay
  • Paint Crew shown on TV (we're with you brothers and sisters!)
  • JuJuan Johnson blocks a shot off Tom Crean's dome

Feel free to suggest more in the comments, after the jump, we get to the Boilermakings.


Drew Brees Recruiting in Florida; Is there anything the man can't do?

Defensive Line Coach Williams Leaves for Texas A&M; Hopefully with the talent we have on the line there won't be much of a drop off at the position. Still, it is sad to see one of our better position coaches bolt for the Big 12. All the best Coach Williams.

Homage to the Master; Drew has been a Peyton Manning fan since his days here at Purdue.

The Purdue Conundrum; Do we root for Drew or for the hometown boys in blue? Some even say the Manning connection might make it hard for New Orleans fans to pick a side in the game. This quote might say it best;

Steve Schaffner, a Purdue graduate student who attended the 2001 Rose Bowl, said he’ll be happy no matter what happens.

"I’ve watched Super Bowls where I’ve said I wish they both could lose," he said. "This one, I wish both could win."

Deeper Secondary; An article examining how our new recruits will help shore up the defensive backfield.

FNGs; The Journal and Courier has an article with a little biographical information on each of the new Boilers.


LewJack Overrated?; Tim Cary thinks so.

He is not the Big Ten's best ball handler or fastest guard. (I'd argue that he wasn't one of Purdue's top three guards last year, since Kramer, Keaton Grant, and E'Twaun Moore all played more minutes.)

IU Fans Expected to Attend Sporting Event, Be Hostile to Boilers; The IU fans being there should help remind you that it isn't a football game, in case all this Super Bowl excitement has you confused. This is a look at how the team is preparing to silence the crowd.

Purdue vs. IU, The Awakening; This article suggests that this game might be a turning point. Purdue is back to where we have been historically, and IU is greatly improved. Are the games this year a prelude for titanic clashes in the next few years when IU is back to national significance?

Lady Boilers Fall to Iowa; So much for making noise in the conference.

Random Boilermakings;

Swim Team Picks up 2nd and 3rd at Wisconsin; Purdue is ranked, and doing pretty well this year.

Purdue Students to Freeze for Charity; The Polar Plunge is coming back to West Lafayette, benefiting the Special Olympics.

Purdue and the Sydney Opera House; The two groups co-commissioned a piece by the legendary Kronos quartet. They will be perfoming the piece, titled "Music from Fences" tonight at Purdue.

Drinking is Bad, M'kay; Purdue professor criticizes beer commercials.

Nike; As many of you know, there has been a movement on campus to cancel Purdue's contracts with Nike due to allegations that they were mistreating workers in a factory where collegiate apparel was manufactured. This week the Exponent reported that Morgan Burke visited a Nike plant on a visit scheduled by Nike. After this visit, he decided not to cancel Purdue's contract with the company. The lead to a student protest yesterday, demanding that Purdue reconsider its business dealings with Nike. For now, it appears that Nike will remain the primary outfitter for Purdue, and continue to make Purdue apparel, but I am sure that this will not be the end of the conflict between the Purdue Organization for Labor Equality and the administration.

Have a great week, and enjoy the game tonight. Go Boilers!