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Signing Day Update

Today is National Signing Day, so let's throw down a quick update of what has happened thus far. For those who want to follow all day, check the BoilerFootball twitter feed or the PurdueSports twitter feed. They are both updating in real time, and Coach Hope plans to have a press conference at 4 PM to discuss the incoming class. Nothing I have read so far indicates that there will be any surprises with the class, but you never know until the ink dries on the letter on intent. After the jump, we see the 15 Purdue has signed so far. 5 more verbal commitments are expected to sign their letters of intent later in the day.


2 Star Prospects;

Cody Webster, P
Josh Davis, DT
John Linkenheimer, K
Normando Harris, CB
Reggie Pegram, RB
Justin Sinz, TE
Mike Lee, OLB

3 Star Prospects;

Joe Gilliam, OLB
Charles Torwudzo, WR
Rashad Frazier, DE
Ryan Isaac, DE
Jack DeBoef, T
E.J. Johnson, S
Sean Robinson, QB
Antoine Lewis, CB

Other News;

The Indianapolis Star is reporting that we received a verbal commitment from Jalani Philips, a 2 star outside linebacker from Georgia. He will not be signing a letter of intent today, as he has yet to be granted admission to Purdue. We also lost one recruit in Isaiah Williams, a 3 star wide receiver who dropped his commitment to Purdue this week and committed to attend Wisconsin. He must have been recruited by a guy wearing a cheesehead selling snake milk. They must have some snake dairy products up there.

That's it for now, I'll post again as things continue to develop.