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Robbie Hummel's Knee Boilermakings 2/25

How are you with ligaments kitteh? via <a href=""></a>
How are you with ligaments kitteh? via

My professor interrupted class today to tell us about Robbie Hummel's knee injury. For those of you who were fortunate enough to not be in engineering, I think the last time that an engineering professor interrupted class was when aliens landed on Memorial Mall and we all had to take up arms against the Niimuzh invading force. Either I'm lying about that or the mainstream media is. I'll let you decide. I never thought I would live to see the day that an engineering professor would take precious time to tell us about an athlete when he could be telling us something we won't understand until after the exam.

The room went into a frenzy. People got up and started kicking chairs in anger, grown men started crying, women were fainting left and right, the guy next to me curled up into the fetal position rocking back and forth screaming, "Why? Why is this happening to us?" The university erupted in rioting and looting. I barely managed to escape to my car and flee to safety. All of that happened in my mind of course, but I will say that I have never seen so many people try and discreetly sneak their laptops out of their bags, as if to say, "Holy crap! I forgot that I take all my notes on my computer! Every single day I take notes on this thing and today is the one day I forget until 40 minutes into class. Where is my mind?" I didn't do that. I had my laptop firmly glued to every sports news source I knew since I had walked into the room. Plan ahead fellow Boilers. How did they expect me to concentrate anyway, ROBBIE MIGHT BE OUT FOR THE SEASON! That is the biggest thing that's happened since the Niimuzh landed.

It seems that everywhere you turn, people are calling the season over. The experts and prognosticators say that Purdue is done. "Boiler Down," proclaims the front page of ESPN's Men's Basketball page. Andy Katz's latest piece is full of innuendo, implying that we shouldn't even be considered for a #1 seed anymore. Dick Vitale is talking Notre Dame basketball. Clearly he has been stricken with grief or Alzheimer's, maybe both. I'm sure you all felt the same way watching it happen last night. I felt physically ill. This morning, I was walking to my exam (way to pile on, universe) pondering what Purdue would do without Robbie. Then, I had a thought like a scene in Major League.

Jake Taylor: [Jake stands up] Well then I guess there's only one thing left to do.
Roger Dorn: What's that?
Jake Taylor: Win the whole f***ing thing.

Are they a better team with Robbie Hummel. Yes, of course, and anyone who disagrees doesn't know basketball. This isn't a one man sport, and the rest of our team can step up and finish what they started with Robbie. Who in this conference wouldn't take an E'Twaun Moore, JJ, or Kramer if they had the chance? I can't remember the last time Kramer blew a chance at a big defensive play, and containing E'Twaun means he only puts up 12. When JJ is on, he is unstoppable. LewJack is back running the point, and Keaton Grant walked near some radioactive waste that made him back into the sophomore year beast he was. I think he inherited it from Kurt Warner, who used it to play like it was 1999. If we can just get Barlow to stop with the bonehead fouls and Bade to grow up a bit, this team is capable of reaching the heights it could have reached with Robbie. Is it a harder road for the Boilers? No doubt, but Matty's boys like a fight. Top to bottom, this team is too good to count out. Anyone trying to bury the Boilers because they are missing Hummel is in for a shock.

After the jump, we get to the Boilermakings.

Robbie Hummel Boilermakings;

A Change in Complexion
The Only Colors weighs in on the potential impact of Robbie Hummel's knee injury on Michigan State's chances of winning Sunday's game vs. Purdue.

Time for Senior Leadership
Purdue Basketball Blog on the loss of Hummel.

Boiled Sports on losing Hummel.

Purdue is Done Without Hummel
Fox Sports; Seeing the future with all the credibility of Fox News.


Bubble Watch 2010
The Buckeye Battle Cry talks about who is dancing, and who isn't.

Big Ten Power Rankings, February 22th: Talking Heads Edition
Sippin' on Purple has the Boilers at Number 1 in the conference. Interestingly, they have IU below Penn State.


NCAA Notice Of Allegations, or Why Rich Rod Needs to Beat Ohio State This Year
What is the money line on Rich being there in 2011 if the Bucks blow them up again this year? They haven't beat the Bucks in 6 years, and of course never under Rodriguez. In that time Purdue, Illinois, Penn State, Northwestern, Wisconsin, and Iowa have all managed to beat Ohio State. So, Rich is in the rarefied air of Michigan State, Indiana, and Minnesota when it comes to playing the Buckeyes. I'm not sure that is a fair comparison though. IU has played them 2 fewer times, while MSU and Minny each skipped one game with the Bucks in that time frame.

Big Ten's Best Quarterbacks of the Last 20 Years
That is a handsome man there at number 1.

Other Boilermakings;

Texas AD: No Talks with Big Ten About Conference Expansion
So much for that rumor.

A Very Special Delivery, Starring Tim Tebow as Tim Tebow
Photoshop fun with everyone's favorite future draft bust.

"Winning Time" Premieres in Indy
Not exactly Purdue related, but I'm sure there are some Pacers fans in the crowd. If you are bored on Friday, head to Conseco for the premiere of this documentary about the Pacers' rivalry with the Knicks in the early 90's. Tickets are $10, all proceeds go to charity.

Enjoy the rest of the week, and try not to let the Hummel hangover get you down.

EDIT; I have changed the picture on this post due to some negative reaction to the previous image. If you were offended by the image, I offer you my sincere apology. The image was intended to be a joke about Robbie's injury and not a statement about any group of people. So, in short, LOLcats to the rescue.