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Calling Out J Money Boilermakings 2/23

J Money kicks puppies is what I'm trying to get at here.
J Money kicks puppies is what I'm trying to get at here.

Anyone who has been reading this blog for more than a couple weeks knows about "The Syracuse Incident." The short version is that T-Mill suggested that the Orange may be a teensy bit overrated and that caused Syracuse fans to come here to defend their boys. After T-Mill's opinion was swayed, he posted the now infamous apology to the 'Cuse. Our fellow Boiler blogger J Money at Boiled Sports then jokingly demanded an apology from T-Mill for predicting that Purdue would lose in East Lansing. With all of the mea culpas flying around, you would have thought that Purdue was in Canada. "Sorey aboot that, eh."

However, Purdue is located in one of the ruder former colonies and I thought, "Why should Travis have all the fun?" Part of the Purdue blogging experience is to have J Money demand an apology from you, and I feel like an outsider having never experienced it. I'm sure Purdue Pete over at the fabulous Purdue Basketball Blog feels the same. I baited J Money with a joke about his age in the last Boilermakings installment, and despite my implication that he was old enough to have gone to high school with Moses, he did not take the bait. So, I'm going to take some time before today's Boilermakings to just write outrageous things about J Money and see what happens.

  • J Money stands in front you at the grocery store and writes a check for less than $20
    Seriously, get a debit card. We don't have time for you to write all of that nonsense.
  • J Money drives slowly in the left lane, forcing you to pass him on the right
    With his turn signal on, no doubt.
  • "Handsome Hour," more like Handsome 90 minutes
    Always delivering more content than promised, like we have the kind of time to listen to it. This isn't the State of the Union sir. I can't argue with the handsome part though.
  • J Money is a Yankees fan
    This one is actually true. Not that the others aren't, but he will admit to this one.
  • J Money gave advice to Kyle Orton
    That advice? "Sliding is for losers. Winners hurdle defenders when they are about to be tackled. Now go out there and show Wisconsin that you are a winner!"
  • J Money designed, manufactured, and marketed that noisy toy your kid always plays with
    For those of you raising little Boilermakers.
  • J Money did not care for The Godfather
    It insists upon itself.
  • J Money was a key grip for Jersey Shore
    Which means he was partially responsible for that abomination.
  • J Money lives in Texas
    How much snow have you brushed off your car J? What's that? You live on the equator and don't even own a jacket? La dee da.
  • J Money knows why Tila Tequila is famous
    He refuses to tell anyone the reason.
  • J Money was responsible for the cancellation of both Chapelle's Show and Flight of the Conchords
    What do you have against smart comedy J?
  • J Money has Tim locked in his basement
    That is why Tim hasn't posted on Boiled Sports since November 2009.
  • J Money wrote Nickelback's entire catalog
    That's right, both songs.
  • J Money is boilerdowd
    Have you ever seen them in the same room together? Me either. I think that boilerdowd is just J Money's IndyCar loving alter ego. The Handsome Hour is then the delusional ravings of a madman. He has two personalities; one with a radio voice, and his higher pitched compatriot who argues for control of the fragile psyche of this delusional mind.

I have more ridiculous accusations I could sling at J Money, but I think I have written his name enough that this will show up on the front page of the Google results if you search for it. I demand that you demand an apology J Money. After the jump, we get to the Boilermakings.


C'mon, Purdue Deserves Better
MSNBC's hoops blog Beyond the Arc feels like the Boilermakers aren't getting the credit they deserve.

Purdue Recruits Shine in Showdown
More about the game between Terone Johnson and Travis Carroll that T-Mill mentioned.

Brian Cardinal Traded to Knicks, Likely Waived, Done

Every time I'd see him play he'd be doing something helpful. Something to help the team in ways that weren't being picked up by the box score. Points and rebounds count, they really do, and you have to have the right setup and rotation to consistently field a player who isn't going to help much on that end. But you would have at least liked to see the Grizzlies and Timberwolves try.


Instead, he sat. And never really got a chance to build on his 2003-04 campaign, Darko's rookie year by the way, one that saw him contribute a 19.4 PER and lead the NBA in offensive rating. Dork it up, scout it up, he could play. And rarely got the chance to.

I was sad to hear about this. If the Knicks do waive him, I hope he comes to the IU game to see his spiritual successor Chris Kramer play his last game at Mackey.

Lady Boilers in the Next Four Out
The ladies will need some Big Ten Tournament magic to make the dance it seems.


A Look at Big Ten QB Races this Spring
Rittenburg looks at the QB battles around the Big Ten. He thinks Marve will be the guy at Quarterback U.

Other Boilermakings;

2 Published Articles Offend Purdue
If you were offended by that Wall Street Journal article a couple weeks ago that took a jab at our academic programs then you are not alone. Córdova took offense as well.

Big Ten Destroys the Psyche of a Nation
Lots of Big Ten hockey players on Team USA who played great in the win over Canada. It would be awesome if Purdue had a team.

Purdue Pete Not Going Anywhere

Morgan Burke, intercollegiate athletic director, explained Pete will not be going away and he didn’t appreciate that University Spirit was framing the situation as such.


"They started a promotion that implied (Pete) was going away," Burke said. "I believe (the e-mail) is about trying to stimulate sales, and I don’t appreciate it."

Purdue Softball Goes 2-3 at the Marriott Houston Classic
The Boilers notched wins over Texas-San Antonio and Houston, while losing to No. 17 Louisiana-Lafayette, No. 20 Texas, and Iowa State. They are 3-7 on the season.

Men’s Tennis Defeats Harvard, Undefeated at Home
This is their first win over a nationally ranked team, and improved to 7-1.

Rube Goldberg Team Trying to Bring Back National Title
If the Purdue Society of Professional Engineers wins, it will be the fifth time in six years they have brought home the trophy.