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Come on 6:30: the Purdue at Ohio State GameThread

This is where boredom happens. The Gamethread is live 3 hours early for a variety of reasons today:

1. I am so bored I am watching UEFA Champions League Soccer on Fox Soccer Channel. (Ah the life of the unemployed)

2. I forgot to mention Ryne Smith as needing a nickname in this morning's entry. Fortunately, reader Olafmetal provided a great one with "The Love Pump."

3. I gave up covering a high school game for this, so it had better be worth it. I was supposed to cover it last night, but after driving an hour to get there I discovered it was postponed because of the sheer terror that is a quarter inch of snow and no one knew about it.

So we have a game thread. Once again, here is you list of nicknames to use tonight:

Player Nickname
JaJuan Johnson JJ, Thunderdunk
Robbie Hummel The Ostrich
E'Twaun Moore Smooge, The Smoogernaut, The Assassin
Chris Kramer Secretary of Defense, Master Thief
Kelsey Barlow GDB (Godammit Barlow!)
John Hart The Hitman
Lewis Jackson LewJack
Ryne Smith The Love Pump
Keaton Grant KG
Mark Wohlford The Accountant
Patrick Bade Still open for debate (Master was suggested)
D.J. Byrd Still open for debate
Sandi Marcius Still open for debate
Dru Anthrop, Bubba Day, Kyle Coleman, Stevie Loveless The Walk-On WhiteOut (honorary member Mark Titus tonight)