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Look toward Iowa and the weekend

I was going to do a power rankings today, but I am cursed with writer's block. We don't need much of a preview on Iowa, either. We've already beaten them in Iowa City. They are playing better, but this is a game we should absolutely win no matter what at home. They recently lost guard Anthony Tucker, but he had been suspended for some time anyway. If we can't handle a 9-16 team at home we have no business going to the NCAA Tournament, much less winning the Big Ten. Therefore, this game really has one key: Don't screw this up.

With that, we should still be tied for first place in the loss column on Monday morning. Michigan State travels to Penn State where they should end their losing streak. The Ohio State-Illinois loser will be dealt a severe mong the five NCAA-bound teams fighting for the conference title. I say NCAA bound teams because Minnesota and Northwestern pretty much screwed up their chances with crippling losses to Michigan and Iowa this week.

I'll be out of town this weekend, so it is up to you guys to take care of the open thread tomorrow. Have a great weekend, everyone! The Open thread will go up at 2pm tomorrow.